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Moving Tips

  • When packing your own boxes remember to use smaller boxes for heavy items such as book and to fill the boxes right to the top so that when they are stacked they are nice and strong and will not collapse on themselves.
  • Cushion breakables by wrapping each item in paper. If the box is getting heavy finish off with some lighter items from the area or even a cushions or towel. Make sure to write or put a FRAGILE sticker on the box so we can put it in a safe place in the truck.
  • Make sure as many boxes as possible are closed and sealed, this makes more effective use of space when loading the truck. 
  • Try to keep hallways clear of boxes and furniture so that we have good access to all your rooms.
  • Soft belongings can be put into plastic bags this may be easier for you and works well for us.
  • Wardrobe boxes are very handy if you want to leave your clothes on their hangers for easy transport from one closet to another.  We can provide these for you on request.


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